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A Rivetting Best In Genre Science Fiction From Author J C Steel

Through the Hostage

When Survival Is All That Matters...........

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Khyria Ilan is a commander in the Cortii, the most elite mercenary organisation in known space. With a past she can’t remember, and commanders who would love to see her dead, her future is likely to be short: her command faces their ultimate test to prove their right to survive. When the odds are impossible, sometimes the only thing to do is play the game ...


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A sensationally well-written novel Steel gives us an unrelenting no excuses science fiction thriller that is powerful in its revelatory immediacy and enthralling in its intrigue. Whilst a relatively quick read it’s a big novel in terms of its many rich characters and the size of its vision with Steel delivering a narrative that underpins a cleverly rendered science-fiction world. Evolving steadily, growing richer with every chapter and slowly feeding us tantalizing morsels of information about the  Cortii the plot is intelligent and suspenseful whilst Steel resists the need to add unnecessary complexity. Seamlessly integrating futuristic hi-tech this builds a refreshing and kinetic atmosphere which explores future militarism along with its underpinning values system which in turn adds an important degree of moral and intellectual depth. On this level Steel has created a frantic science fiction twister that mimics the very best without battering the sense and sensibilities of the reader. Gory set pieces come thick and fast, with impressive plot twists as Steel sets us up for a neat denouement that raises high expectations for future releases in The Cortii series


A genuinely original and superbly envisaged debut from J C Steel Through The Hostage is a must-read for discerning fans of this ever popular genre and is highly recommended.

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A few words from J C Steel............

Born in Gibraltar and raised on a yacht around the coasts of the Atlantic, I’m an author, martial artist, and introvert. In between the necessary making of money to allow the writing of more books, I can usually be found stowing away on a spaceship, halfway to the further galaxy.


Science-fiction and urban fantasy are my favourite genres to write in. I grew up on a rich diet of Anne McCaffrey, Tolkien, Dorothy Dunnett, and Jack Higgins, and finally started to write my own books aged fourteen. I can't point the finger at any one book or author that set me in my current direction, but I blame my tendency to write characters who favour drastically practical solutions on some mix of those. If I can toss in a bit of gender- and genre-bending, so much the better. Status quo is boring.


I hope you enjoy reading the books half as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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