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Tilt - A Climate Change Thriller

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The book......

Maybe you think climate change is a natural phenomenon? Perhaps you have considered it an unfortunate by-product of so many human beings on this tiny planet? Has it occurred to you that there may be a much more insidious reason? What Tilt uncovers is much more frightening and thought provoking.


Young Jack Bradley was devastated by the loss of his parents when a DC 10 airliner hit Antarctica’s Mount Erebus in November 1979. Over the following thirty years, no one could have imagined how this unfortunate event would lead to what could only be described as climate change terrorism on the grandest of scales, least of all, Jack.


Our review......

Environmental fiction is moving away from its roots in science fiction and taking on a harder edge. This is certainly true of Tilt, the new eco-thriller from Max Oberon. With a powerful and often disturbing plot, Oberon’s characters are sculpted expertly and their growing feelings of trepidation, as they face their uncertain future, are infectious. Underpinned by a thought-provoking narrative, tension and suspense find an equitable balance that leaves the reader in no doubt about the stakes. Not just for Jack Bradley as he discovers the sobering truth about the death of his parents, but in the blurring of lines between fact and fiction to articulate how we are changing our planet in potentially deadly and irreversible ways. On this level and in these increasingly anxious ecological times, Oberon’s work certainly makes for compulsive reading. Without getting lost in the minutiae, it evolves at an unforgiving pace, hurtling towards an exciting and all too worryingly plausible denouement which will certainly leave reader’s deep in thought.


Powerful and entertaining fiction, Tilt makes a noteble debut for Max Oberon and one that bodes well for future releases. It is recommended without reservation.

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