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The year is 2262, the world is recovering after millions perished in World War III. Could a long standing stalemate with Russia soon be coming to an end? Major technological advances, teleportation and a radical stringent way of governing have reversed a broken and rapidly declining society, creating a relative paradise but when fate throws Simon and Hillary Jane together one night in New York, a chain of events is unleashed that will destroy one of them and jeopardise the precarious peace process.


Science fiction thriller with a dystopian flare, Time To Repair is the debut novel from author Mark Gallard. A brazen foray into a future that nimbly manages to avoid those well-worn clichés often found in less imaginative works. Yes there are Orwellian undertones, but it is an altogether more optimistic future that he creates, where the balance of peace is dictated not by the overtly good or evil, but the greyer factions that have always sought influence and it makes for an altogether more plausible tale, with Gallard maintaining the tension and suspense throughout. Underpinned by an intricate plot that evolves through clever misdirection there’s always more to it than first meets the eye and it makes for compelling reading.


A strong and memorable debut, Time To Repair will certainly garner a host of followers for Gallard who looks likely to make his mark on the genre. Definitely recommended.

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Time To Repair

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