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In pursuit of his passion, Ed Gunning takes an unpaid internship at a recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. This satirical view of the music/recording industries explores a great number of issues regarding social instability. Instead of running parallel with his fantasies, Ed discovers working conditions that complicate his desire to continue on. When an artist reveals violent goals, Ed is compromised into the apathy of reasonable doubt.


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Lampooning the hypocritical world of the music industry, Tin Foil Hat is the new release from author Justin Bauer. A genuine romp from first to last page turned, he spins a marvellous yarn that is quick witted and entertaining to read, with razor sharp barbs aimed at the shenanigans of the industry. Possibly truer than the necessities of fiction dictate and more than a little dark at times, Bauer certainly keeps the momentum moving at a cracking pace, with characters and settings brought vividly to life through snappy dialogue which cleverly satirises the music industry and the often clichéd types that populate it. Much of it plays to popular conceptions, but along the way Bauer slips in telling observations that lend themselves to astute social commentary as he navigates the complexities of his plot. Altogether, it makes for an enthralling read as it works its way toward a memorable denouement.


With much to commend it, Tin Foil Hat makes for an original and intriguing read and one that bodes well for future releases from Justin Bauer. Definitely deserving of your attention, it is strongly recommended.

Author  Justin Bauer - In The Spotlight


Tin Foil Hat

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