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“Once we understand what we have to go through, become resolved to see it through, and know we will survive, we feel our ordeal is not so bad,”


In June 2012, Steven Fujita went to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with meningitis. After four days of improvement, he was scheduled to be discharged when his condition worsened dramatically. His blood pressure, body temperature and sodium levels all became dangerously low. He started to lose consciousness. He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit. He had suffered spinal cord damage at the T4 level. Upon regaining full consciousness, Fujita could not speak, eat, breathe independently, control bodily functions, nor move his legs. In this book, he takes the reader on a journey of recovery from a spinal cord injury. It is not only a journey of determination and hard work, but of positive attitude, of drawing inspiration, of gratitude towards those around him: his family, his friends, co-workers, and medical professionals.


Books about breaking the bonds of a debilitating injury are plentiful, but it’s often the ones that are brutally honest and challenge the current state of thinking that readers seem to gravitate towards and there’s an undeniable mix of both In Toe Up To 10k. Author Steven Fujita hasn’t set his sights on a feel good book. He doesn’t sugar coat his experiences and in not doing so has delivered a moving and determined account of recovery which is incredibly uplifting. His determination post diagnosis is certainly inspiring. A true reminder for us all to stay positive, to focus on and appreciate what is most important in life whilst never giving up! This is Fujita’s unique quest and one that few of us will ever fully be able to relate to, but through his openness and his own incredible achievement we are reminded of the indomitable spirit that so many embrace when faced with debilitating change.


An absorbing and inspirational memoir that will encourage much reflection, Toe Up To 10k is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf and is highly recommended.

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Toe Up To 10K

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