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The first year at the Superhero Academy ended with a lot of changes, but that doesn’t mean that the Superneutral’s problems are over. Discrimination is still rife in the ranks, and just because things are changing doesn’t mean that the underlying problems have gone away. On top of that, there are several of the ‘Old Crowd’ who are glaring at the reluctant Superheroes as the source of all these changes, and want nothing more than to paint them as Villains. The younger generation will need to step up their game, and keep a constant watch, if they want to survive to graduate.


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Book 1 in the Two Sides Of The Same Coin series proved an intriguing release for Rose and it was a concept with endless possibilities. Everyone loves a good superhero story and they continue to entertain and inspire countless people – especially teenage readers,  but the problem with many superhero novels is they come across as rather two dimensional when compared to their onscreen counterparts. This certainly isn’t the case here and Rose certainly keeps the momentum going whilst keeping her readers glued to the pages with suspense, action and the obligatory twists. Benefiting from a clever plot and Rose’s acerbic pen its execution is relatively straightforward whilst refreshingly remaining cliché free. Her main characters are very much established and yet they still continue to evolve. In the main, this is down to the moral or thematic implications faced by the Superneutrals as Rose explores the challenges they face and on this level, it’s a winning concept with all the hallmarks of a bestseller.


A highly entertaining sequel in a series indicative of the genre's best. To Light The Way In Darkness is recommended without reservation.

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Super Hero Fiction From The Imagination Of  Natasja Rose

To Light The Way In Darkness

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The Origins

Of A Reluctant Hero


It seems that superheroes are everywhere these days, and readers couldn’t be happier about it as they continue to migrate from the pages of comic books to prose fiction. Unfortunately too many follow a generic pattern and originality in the subgenre is still something of a rarity whilst few are significant for their quality of writing, depth and literary value. Rose seems acutely aware of this and has therefore delivered a novel which is wholly original. Read our full review of Between Darkness And Light by clicking on its cover image.

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