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And thus sixteen year old Kevin Knight is about to go on a journey that leads him to discover the purpose of life and all the secrets of the universe. Our choices are not our own but are governed by a shape-shifting alien race with the help of an all-seeing, mind-altering, computer intelligence known as the Timeweb.As a coven of rogue, demon-summoning extraterrestrials fight against the ultimate big brother, Robert, a time-traveling, alien double agent who runs the Timeweb, protects and guides Kevin into his role as the Chosen one. Most of the galaxy believes in the prophecy that says a superpowered human named Kevin Knight will cause the end of all things, and in order to preserve the universe Earth must be destroyed. But another prophecy says he will be the savior of humans and aliens alike. This boy discovers that if he doesn’t stop an alien invasion and defeat the ruler of hell, there will be no tomorrow for anyone.


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It’s rare but occasionally a book comes along that defies convention, disregards genre tropes and delivers an altogether different read.  Well, Tomorrows End certainly fits the bill. Wholly compelling and original with an electrifying plot and a host of unforgettable characters, it’s the debut release from G. R. Morris and it’s one to get readers talking about it.  Genre-busting in the truest sense it may well have its origins in Science Fiction but it crosses comfortably into the domains of Thrillers, Horror and the philosophical with a well-conceived plot that’s bristling with inventiveness. Underpinned by a superb narrative with gathering momentum, Morris’ characters are vividly real, their overriding purpose to draw his readers into an impressively imaginative world where a dominant sense of authenticity prevails.  More, it’s the kind of genre-spanning novel that will appeal to a wide spectrum of readers in broadly disparate age groups. Yes, at its heart this is the age old battle between good and evil reimagined but whilst Morris favours accessible acerbic prose the depth of thinking underpinning them shouldn’t be underestimated. He entertains but he also leaves us with much upon which to reflect as he encourages us to dwell on the auspices of free will.


An intelligent and evocative page turner with all the hallmarks of a bestseller, Tomorrows End is a genuine gem to be relished and the work of an author with a very bright future. Not to be missed, it is recommended without reservation!

“Fantastic. I’m being broken out of prison

by an alien named Bob.”


Tomorrows End  (The Path of a Savior #1)

An Exceptional Science Fiction Debut From G. R. Morris

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About G R Morris

Philosopher, New Media Geek, Gamer. Voracious seeker of truth wherever it comes. Enthusiast of Fantasy and Sci-Fi especially ones dealing with a deeper meaning.

Tomorrows End

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