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A Rivetting Best In Genre Memoir From Author Zagham Shebaz Karim

Town of Dudley Sixth

I was told history repeats itself, so does that mean we are going around in circles, or are we spiraling into darkness?

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In a world of eternal slumber, it is but wise to foresee the future. Where true beauty is priceless, for creativity can be so far ahead. Do our eyes not see that far ahead, does our brain make baseless theories in greed? Here we live in a world of zombies, value is only for the present, who cares about the future? Our air is cold and bitter, the sky is ever dark, and the land is barren, for the earth is in parts. Long ago, it was not when began the curse, in a time when all was but lost. Tall buildings seared through the dark clouds, but no height made visible even a ray of light. A city built in ruins and curses, never is it filled with zeal and happiness. People however, can choose to defy nature, jewels of ruby and stones of blue sapphire. All were embedded in layers of white gold, the gold that coated the mechanized bricks. Each building unique and everything but bleak, with engraved patterns of blue platinum nailed into walls. Gold roofs and doors with all their glory, windows of minerals and tampered glass. A beauty it was and a shame to be true, each night when the lock down began. Barriers were raised and gates were closed, doors and windows were securely locked. Curtains drawn and lights switched off, lamps were covered as the dark night dragged on.....


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Every debut fantasy writer faces the challenge of constructing an entirely new world or delving into the mysteries of this one. With Town of Dudley Sixth, author Zagham Karim wisely avoids the latter and it proves an inspired choice. Taking the staples of an ever-popular genre, Karim proves a notable author as he weaves a genuinely original fantasy with vivid and well-constructed scenes which are easy to imagine. Centred around his young protagonist Sambol, he embraces the established tropes of the genre but demonstrates narrative craftsmanship that leaves the imagination free to blossom. As a novella and an introduction to Karim’s ability to build intriguing worlds it’s a relatively quick read and yet both plot and characters create the substance of a much bigger read. The dynamics between his main characters really help bring them to life adding depth to his story and it’s clear he has his sights set on a sweeping fantasy saga for which he has definitely laid the groundwork whilst imbuing Sambol with a boyishness that breaks the archetypical mould.


Original and suspenseful, Town Of Dudley Sixth will thrill and entertain in equal measure. A must-read for fans of the genre, it's a definitely recommended.

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A few words about Zagham Karim

Zagham was born on the 23rd of July 1998. His childhood was spent in a town called Dudley, where he spent most of his free times in reading fictional novels. It was what interested him to write his own novels- which others could enjoy, just like he enjoyed reading through a good novel.


He used to write various short stories in school. Now he has began to make use of some of the ideas from those short stories; by writing novels in his free time. Most of his work is set in the scifi/fantasy genre. His first novella is called 'Town of Dudley Sixth' and is about an apocalypse on an alien planet. Some aspects of the novella are inspired by his interest in mechanical timepieces. Especially ones that include the tourbillon and minute repeater function with skeletal design. For example the use of mechanical technology in transport, gates and timekeeping. Other aspects are inspired by his interest in aeronautical/aerospace engineering- such as the spaceship.

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