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When Father Bobby discovers that Jesus may have survived the cross, he realizes if true, the Church will be seen as a fraud and hoax.With no after life, no Resurrection, and no Redemption of man's sins, Christians everywhere will suffer a devastating assault on their faith and the world will be changed forever. Setting out on his journey to discover the truth, Bobby is murdered by The Hand of Christ, a super-conservative protective society of the church.


Now it is up to his brother Burt, a hard-nosed American cop, to find out what happened. Pursued by the same shape-shifting assassin who killed Bobby, Burt and a young student, Lola, track his brother’s footsteps from Rome, Italy to Tarsus and Urfa, Turkey to New Delhi, India, finally arriving in war- torn Kashmir in the high Himalayas where the stunning climax to Bobby’s quest is revealed.


Our review......

An intelligent and intriguing thriller, Tracking Bobby climbs the rungs of religious conspiracy to the upper and hidden echelons of the church and in doing so not only entertains but leaves us with much to think about. Thrillers are Zodrow's domain and here he demonstrates his ability to deliver detailed, resonant narratives without the slightest trace of mechanism. Another author might have leant towards a more generic thriller and in doing so blunt what gives Tracking Bobby its distinctive edge. He doesn’t try to tilt the conflict of religion but with the right combination of vivid characters and mordant prose, Zodrow is as good with the small touches as he is with the big ones, creating an acerbic and veracious subtext that makes his conspiracy seem all too plausible. Exposition is measured as he employs the conventions of the genre, but he knows just when to show and when to tell and it’s on this level that Burt and Lola prove perfectly pitched protagonists to carry his story.


An intelligent and original read with the kind of momentum that fans of the genre demand, Tracking Bobby is Zodrow doing what he does best and delivering a high octane, vivid and entertaining read.

The world will be changed forever


Tracking Bobby

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