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Nothing is as it seems and all is worse than could ever be imagined.What was once a simple adventure is now a test of survival


Four college students set out to spend a holiday weekend hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, a fun filled trek turns to terror when a stranger brutally attacks them. Trying to escape the grips of death, the group is forced to veer from the main trail. Relationships are tested, lives are on the line, and one of their own is dead. However, even in the mix of all this chaos, an unexpected love manages to bloom.


A chilling account of a weekend expedition that will haunt your memory long after the last page is turned, Trail Of Deceit is the new release from author Dr. John C. House. It’s certainly harrowing, but In contrast to similar tales in the genre, which tend toward the disturbing by dint of their shock value or propensity for exaggerated violence, House shocks by delivering a tale that is above all plausible. In the main he achieves this by creating a tangible sense of isolation that envelopes his lead characters and steadily increases the tension throughout as his tale races towards a denouement that makes the significance of his characters' ordeals seem terrifyingly real. With no peripheral characters this allows House to really get to grips with the groups weaknesses and in doing so makes each of his fated protagonists feel highly authentic. In truth the plot is really quite simple, but everything that occurs serves a poignant purpose with House giving as much deference to the quality of his writing as he has to the quantity.


By any stretch of the imagination Trail Of Deceit proves to be a powerful and above all highly memorable debut from Dr John C. House and one that bodes well for his future releases. Certainly deserving of a place on your reading shelf it is recommended without reservation!

Author  Dr. John C. House - In The Spotlight

Trail Of Deceit

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