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Three girls, three decades, one outcome. These heroines have

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Tina’s Dilemma - Would you tell your best friend? Underneath Justin’s Greek God exterior is a dark bully. Tina has suffered twice at his hands and now he’s about to marry her former best friend. She is faced with a choice – ruin the wedding and risk a friendship or let Chloe marry the wrong man.


Teacher’s Pet – Where does it say “feel free to take advantage”? Vicky’s passionate opinion in class attracts unwanted attention from the local rugby hero, whose mates are just plain loud. But they are exactly who she needs when Dr Parr decides to educate her about more than just Economics.


Date Rape – When play-acting stops being a game. Kent Adams was different to Cassie’s normal dates – this one was a keeper. Erudite, worldly and six foot of pure, knee-trembling muscle, he shares her passion for opera and takes her to Shakespeare’s very own theatre in Stratford. But a combination of misread signals and dark yearnings culminate in the worst night of her life.


Our review......

For readers familiar with the bestselling Hostage series by Rowanna Green, Triple Jeopardy makes something of a step change. Three short stories spanning as many decades, they prove penetratingly absorbing. Green has the uncanny ability to rope readers in and make them care for her characters and this time it’s no different, delivering plots and narratives that vibrate with an impending sense of danger. Her dialogue is rarely off the mark, but it does far more than simply push the plots along. It captures the way we might really think and talk in similar situations and in doing so taps into fears we’re not always aware of. It’s fair to say that Green's overarching theme makes her prose quite dark at times, but far from being a melancholy elegy she always manages to inject a timely element of humour. Yes, it’s manipulative story telling that contains hurt and cruelty, but there’s also a powerful element of social commentary that’s expressed not in words, but in emotions that will leave many of her readers deep in thought.


Sure to be well received by Greens many fans whilst attracting a host of enthusiastic new followers, Triple Jeopardy is one to add to your 'must read' list and is strongly recommended.

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Triple Jeopardy

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