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Martin Sourdough is a homeless person who has chosen to turn his back on the corporate, material world; Willis Hancocks Jr. is a barrister, an alcoholic philanderer, and a misogynist; and Evelyn (aka Yvonne) is a prostitute. Turnstiles speaks to these social problems through the smaller scope of each character's individual trials. There is a struggle that exists between the need to serve one's own needs and the expectation to participate in the larger social scheme. Martin and Willis are both trying to fit into the world, but on their own terms. They are naïve, searching for an Eden-like state of being. Through a broader experience of personal fortune, misfortune, travel, and social interactions, they each learn to accept their path and take control of their own destinies.


Immediately intriguing, Turnstiles is the debut novel from author Andrea McKenzie Raine.  A clever and well considered telling that weaves three extraordinary tales. Three fractured lives that harbour a deep seated need to find meaning beyond the pale. Each life inexplicably changed by the vagrancies of chance. It’s a bold and engaging read that demands reflection on the trials and tribulations of our lives, the paths thrust upon us and those we might choose, with Raine ably distilling a sense of place and time into the plight of her main characters.  The angsts of each, captured in soul bearing narratives that are poignant but unburdened by unnecessary detail; which might otherwise have clouded an insightful tale of lives  inherently linked by the choices they make.


Ambitious and favourably engrossing, Turnstiles will certainly demand your attention and bodes well for a future release from author Andrea McKenzie Raine. Definitively recommended.

Author Andrea McKenzie Raine - In The Spotlight


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