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Author  Deb McEwan - BookViral Spotlight Review

Unlikely Soldiers

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Some were forced to hide their sexuality and equal rights were still a dream for most women. Cheesecloth was considered to be high fashion and young teenage girls were in love with the Bay City Rollers.


Michelle Warbutton longed to see the world, Guy Halfpenny was desperate to escape from his. Both had limited choices. Their paths weren’t destined to cross until they joined the British Army - where sexism was rife and PC meant police constable. Discover how lives were shaped, friendships forged, and loves won and lost in this compelling adventure of humour, passion and tragedy.


Our review......

A story of lives intrinsically linked by the passage of time, Unlikely Soldiers is the latest release from author Deb McEwan and it’s a story about soldiers as much as it is about coming of age. Divorced from current conflicts by its retro setting, McEwan delivers a narrative that is authentic in its setting, capturing both the temperament and tempo of life as a British squaddie. The often harsh realities of live as a serving soldier are ably captured in cultural idioms which will certainly garner knowing nods from serving and ex members of the British forces, but ultimately they prove more of a device for getting into the minds of her characters.  Soldiers come from diverse backgrounds and it’s this that McEwan really brings to the fore and she couldn’t have created more poignant or telling characters than those of Guy and Michelle. They really are the most of unlikely of soldiers and yet for each it proves a choice which allows them to grow as individuals and it’s here that McEwan’s narrative proves most endearing.


Another enjoyable read from McEwan, Unlikely Soldiers proves a strong start for the Civvy to Squaddie series and is certainly deserving of a place on your bookshelf.  

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