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It's a long way to the top if you want to be a superhero!


Kellen is having trouble at school. He struggles to impress his tutor, Professor Drake, at the Zygonia School of Excellence, and he can't get the attention of the girl of his dreams, Linzi. And if he thought things were going to get any simpler, he was wrong. A freak accident in the lab leaves Kellen with the ability to control electricity. At first his transformation provides another way he can't lead a normal life, but he soon realises that this might be just the thing to become something more than normal. It's a long way to the top if you want to be a superhero, but dressing as a masked vigilante - whom he names Voltage - Kellen soon finds himself in a plot to unearth the mystery behind the recent robbery of an ancient Egyptian staff at the Zygonia City Museum, which has left even the police stumped.


Our review......

Book 1 in the Vigilante Chronicles, High Voltage proves an intriguing release for Anthony Price. It’s an idea with endless possibilities, but the problem with many super hero novels is they come across as rather two dimensional when compared to their onscreen counterparts. This certainly isn’t the case here. Price keeps the momentum going while keeping readers glued with suspense, action and twists. In many ways it’s indicative of a subgenre that’s ever increasing in popularity and yet it’s no cliché. Benefiting from a clever plot and Price’s acerbic pen it’s execution is relatively straight forward whilst the metaphysical aspects of his tale will leave many readers reflecting on what really holds us back from being what we really want to be. Largely avoiding superficial scenarios and unnecessary drama he doesn't delve too deeply into the moral or thematic implications of Kellen’s new found powers, he simply portrays the challenges that Kellen encounters while he possess them and on this level it’s a winning concept.


A 'what if' novel with broad appeal, High Voltage and the Vigilante Chronicles is sure to find an enthusiastic following for Anthony Price. It is highly recommended.

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High Voltage - Vigilante Chronicles Book 1

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