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Alistair Wye is keeping a covert diary of ‘top’ novelist Marshall Zob’s professional and private life as Zob woefully creates the perfect conditions for his own calamitous downfall. Welcome to satire at its very best in Who’s Afraid Of The Booker Prize by Author Peter Cowlam.


Being something of a lottery, there is an unforgiving winner-take-all contrivance lurking behind the scene of the Booker Prize jamboree, with an overblown piece of self-indulgent nonsense as likely to take the honours as is a universally recognised masterpiece. A delightfully extroverted romp, Who’s Afraid Of The Booker Prize treats its readers to a sardonic glimpse that may well be truer than fiction dictates. A skilful narrative delivered by Cowlam through the judicious use of diary entries, postcards and letters embedded with razor sharp quips, aimed at the cosy literary establishment.


Deliciously wicked and extraordinarily funny, Who's Afraid Of The Booker Prize is satirical eloquence at its best, written by an author deserving of your praise and a place on your bookshelf.


Recommended without reservation.

Peter Cowlam - In The Spotlight

Who's Afraid Of The Booker Prize?

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