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Set against the backdrop of the protest era of the 1970s, an idealistic Brown University grad postpones law school to be near his girlfriend and takes a job in Providence as a police officer - but when he discovers corruption in the department, his determination to overturn the system holds unexpected consequences for his own life.


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An intricate and captivating read throughout, Wild World proves an extraordinarily powerful debut from Rush and one in which he should be particularly proud. A novel that benefits from meticulous research, he instinctively understands the devices of suspense and tension and uses them to maximum effect as he brings his chosen period to life. Superbly crafted, ambitious in scope and yet without a moment of lapsed energy or inattention to detail, historical crime novels tend towards the clichéd but it’s a credit to Rush that he wholly manages to avoid beleaguered tropes to deliver something which is wholly original. Underpinned by social commentary he captures the mood of the moment whilst characterization is exemplary. From the very start Rush’s prose are superlatively expressive of his characters though ultimately it’s Logan who squarely steals the show. Shrewd, idealistic, yearning for a better world and looking for answers he proves an appealing treat without ever feeling stereotyped.


An excellent debut with the kind of narrative twists that prove wholly addictive, Wild World certainly deserves a place on your bookshelf and is recommended without reservation!

An extraordinarily powerful debut from Rush

and one in which he should be particularly proud.


Wild World

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About  Peter S Rush

Peter S. Rush is a graduate of Brown University and has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Florida.  He was a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, Peace Corps volunteer, and a police officer.  He is currently CEO of a global management firm.

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