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Calculating and vigilant, Amanda Simmons has picked up the pieces of Carolina Entech after the demise of the Red Queen, solidifying her own power-play and negotiating a deal to rebuild the B-52 Stratofortress that dropped two nuclear bombs over rural North Carolina during the 1960s. Her classified plans include harnessing power from the sun to spark the impossible restoration. Few folks privy to Amanda’s efforts conspire. The rest, a cohort of Takers and Drainers, capitulate. When a solar pulse abruptly kills power and reanimates the dead, Sheriff Brad Gleason and his unlikely band of heroes once again find themselves pitted against a powerful enemy and driven to the brink of disaster. Only self-sacrifice and unearthly fortitude will give Amanda’s unsuspecting victims a fighting chance against an enemy unafraid to tempt fate and play God. The people of Winter are about to learn that the world’s a theatre for the wicked and only the most resilient can escape the grip of those arrogant enough to cheat death.


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The third release in Drago’s Crow Creek series Winter may well be his most compelling scare yet and one to be welcomed by his many followers. Remaining true to the classic terrain of the genre he has created a dark, brooding narrative filled with the macabre and a prevailing sense of unthinkable danger that maintains suspense from beginning to end. The familiar characters are back, but unlike other authors, Drago doesn’t exploit them for their shock value. In fact, there is an affectionately nostalgic solidity to them which is hard to ignore. They’re smartly nuanced and viscerally effective and it’s Drago’s ability to accentuate these qualities that make for an extraordinary intense read. It would be easy to draw comparisons between Drago’s imaginings and those of Stephen King for they share similar qualities, but there’s a distinctive flair to Drago’s prose which genuinely set him apart. He may be influenced by genre greats but he’s carved a surreal niche of his own and it’s one to which many readers will find themselves drawn.


Another powerful release from Drago and a superb addition

to the Crow Creek series Winter is recommended without reservation.

Evil doesn’t only seek to destroy good.

Evil consumes and leaves nothing untouched.


Winter: A Crow Creek Novel (Volume 3)

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Thomas Drago is the author of Crow Creek and Queensboro. He teaches drama and English in North Carolina. He attended Northern Arizona University. He has published poems, song lyrics, and short stories, appearing most recently in The Explorer, a local literary magazine. Family legends trace his ancestry to Vlad Dracula. Maybe. His favorite number is 29.

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