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"A Powerful and fascinating foray into the future of science and its unforeseen consequences"

The Victoria Lie

A First Contact Science Fiction Novel From The Pen Of Anita Vaani


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YADUK is a young cowherd who lives in Lachvi, an ancient village that existed in the Himalayas in 294 B.C. He is abducted by the mountain god - an eerie spirit that roams in the mountains and devours young cowherds! The mountain god travels through black holes and carries Yaduk to his home planet, Seabor, which is a strange world of undulating liquid helium oceans and glowing radioactive forests. He introduces him to his people, the iljjocks.


Yaduk lives in Seabor for twenty-four days. In that short period, he manages to lose his human body, gets a new iljjock one, manages to get his soul scattered, heals back again, travels back to the past to watch the birth of the universe and finally mates with an iljjock to attain divine powers! Finally, he is ready to go back to Earth and share the divine powers with the entire human race. But, for a minor complication! For one day that passes on Seabor, a hundred years pass on Earth. More than two thousand years have passed since he was abducted from Lachvi!


Our review......

Deftly steering away from purist science fiction to create a metaphysical tale that spans multi genres YADUK AND THE GODS OF SEABOR proves intriguing and highly thought-provoking to the end. Humankind's place in the universe is always in question but here Vaani stretches and breaks the boundaries of reality to take us into uncharted territories. It’s an ambitious undertaking by a debut novelist with Vaani plunging headfirst into the surreal whilst it’s through Yaduks naiveté that she reminds us of the endearing appeal of the genre. It just doesn’t just make us think about the future, but encourages us to reflect on new ideas and concepts and here Vaani has this down to a fine art. Her novel will mesmerize some readers and mystify others with its dreamlike quality and those who feel compelled to talk about it will find themselves endlessly dissecting Vaani’s alien characters and off-world settings whilst the idea of disparate timelines which find Yaduk returning to earth two thousand years in the future adds a particularly clever and powerfully poignant twist.


Clever, intelligent and often humorous  YADUK AND THE GODS OF SEABOR is highly recommended!

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