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A Time Travel Romance From The Pen Of Samyann

Yesterday A Novel of Reincarnation

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Northern Illinois near the Wisconsin border, although a peaceful environment, can be a bit claustrophobic. Especially since the lazy quiet of watching wrens nest followed a fast track existence of sushi bars, hotel rooms, breakfast meetings, and deliverable deadlines. I turned on my lounge-lizard piano solos and contemplated a character staring at a Ferris wheel, another character running through a cemetery during a thunderstorm, and yet another haunted by the sound of a clock chime. Hours of research, notes, and writing slipped by and suddenly Yesterday was born. The novel was a nine-month effort that I’ve enjoyed immensely.


I now live in Chicago, walking distance to Oak Street Beach and Lincoln Park.  I’m again contemplating characters, working on my second novel, What Goes Around. From my living room window, the sparkling lights of Chicago are a wondrous inspiration. I’m sipping a glass of Merlot, looking at a light in the distance, and wondering


I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy.

– Samyann


A tender love story pulls the reader back to previous lives and a time richly elegant. In modern day Chicago, deja vu draws together a handsome mounted policeman and the beautiful young woman who saves his life. Yesterday is also a harrowing tale of escape through the American Civil War, the heart wrenching love of slaves for their young white charges, and The Great Chicago Fire of 1871. In this historical romance, Mark fights through Amanda's rejection to prove that she will love again as she once loved - Yesterday.


Our review......

The themes of time travel and Déjà vu have certainly found their place in romantic fantasy fiction and yet few novels really stand out. Smart, suspenseful and satisfyingly unpredictable Yesterday A Novel of Reincarnation certainly proves the exception with Samyann creating an emotional eddy that draws us in from one page to the next. A read to be savoured with wonderfully nuanced relationship dynamics she clearly has an acerbic ear for dialogue and echoes the thoughts of her characters with a timely clarity which proves wholly endearing throughout. Take it for granted that there’s plenty of momentum but what really makes Sanyanns book standout is her exploration of Déjà vu through Past Life Regression. This brings an edgy element to the burgeoning romance between Amanda and the enigmatic Mark Callahan whilst the multiple plot threads retain an air of mystery that rarely wanes. Another author might have adopted a more saccharin approach but with plenty of due diligence in terms of the details, Samyann ensures the injustices of the past are given due credence to create dramatic tension and just the right amount of pathos.


Sensual, mysterious and thrilling in equal measure, Yesterday A Novel of Reincarnation is recommended without reservation.

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