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“Dear Readers, I’ve listened to you and learned from you. These are your picks. New Readers, take these stories and escape into worlds unknown yet familiar, imbued with universal situations, conflicts, and emotions. My characters are everyday people navigating the breadth of human experience: love, loss, attraction, repulsion, rejection, acceptance, despair, joy, temptation, loneliness, creativity, self-discovery, failure, success. Enter the lives of these characters and let them stir feelings deep within you.”


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A uniquely powerful and thought-provoking collection of short stories, with Your Pick V. S. Kemanis, truly proves herself a mistress of brevity and short-form literature. From Rosemary and Reuben and their pursuit of “the complete synthesis  and perfect harmony of taste, touch, smell and sound" to the heart-wrenchingly haunting Dust Of The Universe, each of the stories collected here present the reader with a very different perspective on time and place from which we explore the boundaries of real and imagined realities. Melancholy or mischievous, triumphs and tragedies all are briefly illuminated as the most intimate aspects of relationships are laid bare. Underpinned by a philosophical tenor the search for meaning runs through many of the narratives whilst examining the ways in which people often fail to connect. This is superbly articulated in Reckoning and the gulf between the inner worlds Arthur and Thomas Henry inhabit with one of them unaware they are in fact a fulcrum for change in the other.


With short-form fiction, prose can often be so lacking in ornament as to almost feel bereft of life but Kemanis brings an emotionally charged sense of immediacy to her words which is wholly addictive and unerringly authentic.


An exceptional collection of literary triumphs

that showcase the variety and vibrancy of the modern short story

Your Pick is recommended without reservation.

Your Pick - Selected Stories

From the introduction by V.S. Kemanis

Bishop's War

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An exceptional collection of literary triumphs from V.S. Kemanis

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